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I am a Conscious Electronic World Music Artist and I love to transgress borders and mind sets with my music.

I have strong views on many subjects that I like to entwine with the electronic beats such as male & female relationships, multiculturalism, paganism and love consciousness merging with artificial intelligence.

During my studies I moved to London (UK) where I currently write & record my music in my own recording studio.

I would like to share some of my recent highlights with you...

I made history as being the first electronic music artist to perform at Valley of the Kings in Luxor at the Nefertiti International Fashion Festival. I am very blessed to have met so many of my Egyptian fans and to even have got the chance to meet & greet the princess of Egypt!

I was featured on UK National TV on the Channel 4 TV show The Casting Couch.

My debut studio album, Light Of The World was released in April 2017 to rave reviews. I co-produced the album with some of the UK’s leading underground electronic music producers including British Dubstep producer Stenchman and Pete Ardron. I chose to write several songs with Grammy award winning writer/producer Bruce Elliott-Smith. Multi-million selling Universal A&R Eddie Gordon described the album Light Of The World as "Unique song creations that show a connection to something much higher than the normal mind". American music magazine Love is Pop said about the album: "Light Of The World is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard in my life, period!" and critically acclaimed writer Christopher Nosnibor said "Light Of The World stands as a truly multidimensional piece."

I hope to see you at one of our 2017 shows, to experience Light of the World & Feel The Future Now.


Nathassia Devine

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